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PicTranslator : An Iphone application which “flatten” the world

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When browsing in Twitter, I got to know this amazing tool for Iphone named “PicTranslator”.  PicTranslator is an Iphone application which turns your Iphone into a translator. The strength of this application is the use of the camera to translate. You just need to take a picture of what you want to translate (a sign, a menu, etc…) and the application give you back the picture in your own language.  For some languages,  the application can also spell the words, in order to help you to say them (if you need to order in a restaurant as in the introduction video).

You can get a good overview in the introduction video where we can see a concrete example of the use.

This is the kind of Iphone application which makes interesting the Iphone for people travelling a lot or living abroad, and this for less than $1 in the App Store.


One Comment

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