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What you need to know before switching to the new Facebook’s timeline


Facebook announced this week the new timeline pages, here some stuffs to know before switching your page.

Facebook new timeline image


Contact : Your “fans” can now directly contact you in the page (in the right corner). Good to improve the interaction with your fans.

Timeline :  You can now have access to all your previous status, and create milestones  to show the history of your brand/company. It’s a very good way to create story telling.

Tab : The old tabs are now in the top of your page, but only 4 are featured, you can create image to illustrate them (another way to customize your page). You can not anymore create a landing page,  now Facebook force you to have the timeline as a landing page.


One of the most important thing is the new cover photo, which make new opportunities for all the brand pages. The goal here is to show emotion and what your brand is, no need to put (again) your logo or be too much advertiser (it’s forbidden anyway). The photo size is 850px wide and 315px height.


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