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by Elie Krawczyk

When Microsoft care about privacy…

Somebody broadcast an internal video from Microsoft to promote “Office 365”.  In the video, their point is to show ironically that Gmail doesn’t care about privacy… (Do Microsoft care ?)

The video is not very fair, as Office365 is an paid solution, with the paid Google Apps version, there is a possibility to inactivate the ads, at least the video is well done and funny enough…

Even if i think it’s a coincidence, the video came as an answer to the Gmail intervention campaign.


by Elie Krawczyk

Back from LeWeb’10

I came back from LeWeb in Paris. As last year, it was a very interesting conference, and a very good opportunity to meet people.

I will tell quickly what I found interesting.


CEO’s Mike Jones, explained how they transform from a social network to a social portal. They don’t want to compete with Facebook anymore, but they want to be known as the social media specialized in entertainment (music, cinema, tv but not game) . Their goal today, is the content and not really the social interaction.


Half of people on Facebook play to social games (250M). 1 to 5% of these players buy virtual goods. Playfish’s best success is Pet Society with 20M of players.

Rovio (Angry Birds developer)

Angry Birds got 12 million downloads with the paid version for Iphone and 30 million downloads with the free version in Android. The free version makes more money with advertising than the paid version.


Marko Ahtisaari said they don’t want to put Android in their phone because they cannot add « value » with it. 1,3 billion of Nokia phone users. 250 000 new users in OVI (Nokia’s platform for phone with their app store, gps system, etc…). In their Workshop, they also explain how with Qt you can develop for both Symbian and Meebo devices.

Denis Crowley (Foursquare Co-founder) made a very good impression. You can really tell he is a real tech entrepreneur with a “fresh spirit”. Their next challenge is to monetize more their platform with local business. They now have 5 millions of members. They are going to internationalize in order to keep on growing with local versions for 2011.

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Google, didn’t announce anything special. She only shows their new phone the Samsung Nexus S which will be a real competitor for the Iphone.

Lastly Gary Vaynerchuk closed the conference. Gary is still a very impressive speaker, so I really advice you to watch his speech here. He talked about how identity was important online, that’s why he believes in Facebook Connect, he said that ChatRoulette failed for that “If ChatRoulette had introduced Facebook Connect, people would have kept their pants on”

You can see all the videos in LeWeb channel.


by Elie Krawczyk

Little preview on the next Firefox 4

The second beta version of Firefox, offered for download from today (July 28), allows us to have an overview of the features which will integrate 4th version.
The main feature is the ability to create tabbed dedicated to Web applications, such as a mailbox, which will be start with the browser and constantly present in a dedicated area. Very useful when we know the potential of the Webmail now.

The final version also provides better management style sheets, a new management system extensions and changes on the style of the software.
It is not known yet whether the levels of speed, if that version will arrive to catch up on Chrome and especially Opera.


by Elie Krawczyk

Dailymotion launching 360° video feature with Sony

Something which for me should revolutionize more  the video’s content than 3D, is 360° videos, if you don’t think that I just let you check what the 360° videos that CNN made in Haiti to make your own point of view.

360° is for video what web social networks are for information; it’s involving the users in their own experiences. They can see what they want in the video, each user has his own unique experience ! I personally do not really care about watch my favorite team in 3D, but I would really love sometimes to watch game in 360° and watch what I want as I will in the stadium.

When lot of people who work in video business are focused on 3D, some still works on 360°.  That’s the case of Dailymotion with Sony.  Dailymotion offer now the first 360° video player. The video player is made for the users of Bloggie (Sony video’s camera with 360° feature) who can now for the first time share their 360 videos on the web.

Although the videos are in low quality, and you can not turn around completely, it’s anyway a good first try. Since both Dailymotion and the Sony Bloggie camera are easy to use, it’s a good start to generalize the use of 360° technology.

I let you check one example above, you can get more video in the Dailymotion’s bloggie space.

360° is for video what web social networks are for information; it’s involving the users in their own experiences.