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LeWeb09, Day 2


Gary_VaynerchukThe Day 2 of LeWeb was more interesting about the non-tech aspect of some conferences.

I really discovered great speakers like the CEO of Zappos.com Tony Hsiech. Zappos is a great company that lot of CEO should get inspired. Zappos is so great that they just been bought last November for more 1billion of dollars by Amazon.

I am not kidding here, if you are running any business, you must to see this video (and the slides) and get to know more about Zappos’s company culture.

Tony Hsiech talked about how important company culture is important to be a remarkable company. The main goal is to hire great employee which will be deeply involved in the company.  For your employees inspiration is more important than motivation. The main goal of your company has to be to deliver happiness. He also said a company has to be focused on “chase vision, not the money”. People remember more how you made them feel than what you did

If you are once near Las Vegas, you can even have a free tour at Zappos Headquarter, just sign up here.

Second very great speaker (video here), Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV, Author of CrushIT. Gary Vaynerchuk is not only a good and funny speaker, he is also a genius entrepreneur. He said it’s very important to take care of the consumers, he even personally answers to every single email. He was teaching a real lesson of marketing, comparing the word of mouth converting 80% into and traditional advertising only converting 12%. So there is real change of the “game” with more power to consumers who become more and more the one spreading the information (and the advertising). More power to entrepreneur as well who need less money to start a business thanks to Internet. “Everybody have time to launch a business instead of playing Wii or watch Lost”. He also said that 3 years business plan are dead, you need to have reaction and be able to change your plan even in 3 weeks.

After that I have the chance to meet him as you can see in the picture, I can say he really follows what he said. He is very skilled, friendly and open person. All what I like.

You can watch all the video from LeWeb09 here, and see Queen Rania of Jordania, Chris Borgan( Trust Agents) , etc…

This day 2 was interesting again; I really do like the idea to take care about consumers and people. I think “delivering happiness” is the best way to be successful in what you do.

This conference was great; you can really see great people spread great ideas.  I will show you my pictures soon here too.

Have good holidays!


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